Corona update

By 16 maart 2020No Comments

As you will be aware, the Dutch government has taken measures regarding the coronavirus. These measures will have an impact on us all. FGRS is following these guidelines and asks you to be alert and follow these current regulations.

If you are not certain of the current regulations, then please feel free to contact FGRS.

FGRS has prepared a business & continuity plan which has been implemented and all employees are online and will be though working from home. Therefore, the company is fully operational and is able to proceed with work activities as normal.

Important Information

FGRS’ office will be closed until at least March 31st. As said, the internal staff is working from home. This will not affect their availability and they can be reached on the normal numbers. Everyone has access to work phones and e-mails, etc. FGRS aims to continue as normal as possible.

What does this mean for you as a consultant?

FGRS requests that you follow the guidelines of our clients until at least the 6th of April. If, for any reason whatsoever, that is not possible, would you please contact FGRS immediately. In case of illness, you are asked to do the same, so that appropriate measures can be taken.


If this message is not clear, or you have any additional questions, then please contact FGRS. In case there are any updates to be shared, you will find these on the website.