Tailored Payroll solutions to meet the needs of Skilled Workers, Employers, & Freelance Workers.

Examples of Payroll Solutions for a fixed monthly payroll fee:

  • FGRS will act as the formal employer of contractors or temporary staff
  • Monthly timesheet processing
  • Monthly salary administration and processing (day rates, hourly rates and fixed monthly salaries)
  • Electronic payslip and salary breakdown preparation and distribution
  • Annual salary statements
  • Employer statements for the authorities or at request for personal financial arrangements
  • Income tax and social premium payment to the tax authorities
  • Advice to businesses, contractors and temporary staff with regard to legal and tax issues, and about working and living in the Netherlands
  • Expat payroll assistance including for non-EU nationals as detailed below

Contact us for a pro forma payslip and salary breakdown

30% ruling​
Expats could be eligible for the 30% ruling: a special tax regime for Expatriates. The 30% tax ruling was created to counterbalance extraterritorial costs–the added cost of living in The Netherlands. Read more about the 30% ruling.

Contact us to find if you qualify for the 30% ruling

FGRS is a recognised sponsor with the Dutch Immigration Authorities (IND)
As a recognised sponsor of the Dutch Immigration Authorities, FGRS can submit applications for highly skilled non-EU nationals so they can obtain their residence permits. FGRS can also submit resident permit applications for the family members and/or partners of Highly Skilled Migrants.

Read more:
Working in the Netherlands
Income requirements

Contact us for a pro forma pay slip and breakdown. For fixed monthly salaries we will set up a breakdown for the cost price of the salary.

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